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BNI - Business Networking International: A group/chapter that meets once a week in your area to do business. Where you are the only one from your profession/industry.

  • The meeting is a structured agenda of 90 minutes
  • Each member has the privilege of presenting a 60 second commercial about what they do.
  • You receive a 5-10 minute networking educational lesson.
  • The members then pass qualified referrals (not leads) and testimonials about working with chapter members.

The "Givers Gain" philosophy.

Everyone knows that word of mouth networking is the best way to get business... but how many really know the technical "how-to". Imagine being able to measure your word of mouth marketing campaign... BNI shows you how.

Think about getting a referral for business where you can bid higher and still get the project. I have already received and given numerous business referrals and the determining factor is your social capital with the referrer. If they trust the person that is referring you business, anyone else is second to you.

All business done through BNI is accountable so only the best can be part of BNI. The network is so grounded in accountability that someone from an out of state BNI chapter doing business in your city would most likely do business with another BNI member rather than look elsewhere. You can trust that a BNI member will get the job done.

How much does it cost?  Membership fees are $500/year which go towards administrative costs.  In addition, members are required to pay a monthly lunch fee to pay for lunches.  

Look for a chapter in your area you will be impressed.  To learn more about BNI in Nebraska, see when chapters meet,  and determine if have a space for your business... visit the Nebraska BNI website www.bni-ne.com  for information.

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